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I am Christopher Hansung Ko,
President of the KoreaBIO.
Welcome to the KoreaBIO website.
I am Ko Han-seung, President of the KoreaBIO.
Welcome to the KoreaBIO website.

The whole world, including South Korea, is facing numerous internal and external issues, such as the destabilized global supply chain due to the COVID-19 crisis, the “My-Country-First” policy, and investment contraction.

Despite this situation, bio-health-related exports in Korea increased by 54% last year compared to the previous year, and the country continues to solidify its global status as the largest exporter of diagnostic kits.

In addition, along with the rise of K-brand values through the activation of the bio-material/part/equipment industries and the leap of the white bioindustry, the bio-health field is strengthening its position as a new growth engine for the future of Korea.

All of this has become possible thanks to the tireless endeavors of our bioindustry. As the President of KoreaBIO, I will do my best to make our bioindustry—one of the big three industries in Korea—the priming water for the country’s economic development, together with you, the center of the bioindustry in the future. By expanding contact points with the member companies, we will actively steer the development and progress of the bioindustry together.

Following the recent tide of global changes, the bioindustry fields get more diversified into red, green, white, etc., and their convergence with other industries is also expanding.

To keep pace with this trend, our bioindustry is expected to grow one step further through bio-networking within the industry through solidarity and cooperation among the domestic bio companies.

To lead the way in the post-COVID-19 era, we will set the milestone of “a new beginning” based on the abundant opportunities for networking in our bioindustry and overcome obstacles together with our member companies. We will also actively cooperate with the government to help give birth to Korean success stories.

I hope it will be a year in which we all gain strength from the white cow and, despite the ravages of the pandemic, elevate the global status of the Korean bioindustry once again.

Please be with us on this journey with unwavering faith.

Thank you,

Christopher Hansung Ko, the 8th President of KoreaBIO