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Based on the bioindustry classification code [KS J 1009], which has been established and revised as the standard for the scope and definition of the domestic bioindustry, an annual complete enumeration survey is planned to be conducted among companies that do research and development or produce products and services based on biotechnology.
General Information
  • As of 2022, there are 1,089 bio companies in South Korea; as for bio-related sites (in order of factories > research centers > headquarters),
    358 sites are located in Gyeonggi-do and 266 in Seoul, indicating that the majority of them are distributed in the Seoul/Gyeonggi area.
Distribution of companies by region
(Unit: number)
Gyeonggi-do 358 Jeollanam-do 34 Busan 13
Seoul 266 Jeollabuk-do 32 Ulsan 9
Daejeon 87 Daegu 32 Gwangju 8
Chungcheongbuk-do 85 Gyeongsangnam-do 28 Jeju 7
Gangwon-do 45 Gyeongsangbuk-do 25 Sejong 4
Chungcheongnam-do 41 Incheon 15 - -
Workforce Status
  • As of 2022, the number of employees working in 1,089 domestic bio companies is 61,152, which represents an increase of 4,434 compared to that in 2021.
    • Bioindustry manpower consists of 19,325 (31.6%) research personnel, 18,828(30.8%), production personnel and 22,999 (37.6%) other personnel, who are involved in sales and management.
(Unit: person)
Investment Status
  • In 2022, the total investment cost of bioindustry companies for one year was KRW 13,267 billion, and the total investment cost in the bioindustry sector was KRW 4,126 billion (31.1% of the total investment cost).
  • The R&D cost was KRW 2,385 billion and the facility investment cost was KRW 1,740 billion.
(Unit: KRW billion)
Supply and Demand Status
  • As of 2022, Bioindustry sales volume was KRW 23,466 billion, of which domestic sales accounted for KRW 9,947 billion (42.4%) and exports for KRW 13,519 billion (57.6%).
  • The domestic market size was KRW 14,193 billion, of which imports accounted for KRW 4,247 billion (29.9%), excluding domestic sales of KRW 9,947 billion (70.1%)
(Unit: KRW billion)
(Unit: KRW billion)