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Core Business

International Cooperation Project
: Global Mingle
Operating programs to help domestic companies' overseas expansion
    • Comprehensive international bio convention to support the commercialization of bio-technology and to expand the business globally
  • Support for participating in overseas conventions
    • Participating in overseas exhibitions and hosting concurrent events (e.g. BIO USA)
  • Host Global IR pitching events
    • Investment attraction presentations for global investors (e.g. Global IR @JPM)
  • Big Pharma open innovation challenges
    • 1:1 meetings for promoting cooperations with global bio/pharmaceutical companies
  • Development of strategies for entering overseas markets and working-level capabilities in each field
    • Seminars for strengthening the capabilities required for overseas expansion (entrepreneurship, FDA, overseas clinical trials, sharing practices, etc.)
Bio-Manpower Training Project
: Bio Academy
Full-cycle training programs to nurture professionals in the bio-field, targeting from high school students to current employees
  • HR development program for future specialist in the bio-industry
    • Competency-building programs for teachers in Bio Meister High Schools
    • Bio school camps for high school students (short traning in the Lab )
  • Competency-building training program for incumbents of bio-companies
    • Pharmaceutical processing and quality control(QC) field
    • Medical device GMP field
    • Bio big data analysis field
    • Bio IP and technology transfer negotiation field, etc.
  • Novel human resource(HR) development / training projects for the bio-industry (responsive for Industry-specific demands)
    • GMP experts training
    • biopharmaceutical and whitebio-specific specialists training
    • Internship programs for Bio industry
    • Training HR specialized in in-vitro diagnostics
    • Training HR for emerging bio-convergence technologies
Policy-Based Projects
Support for the development and establishment of the government's bio-industry promotion policies
  • Responding to the policies and regulatory improvements related to the bio-industry
    • Support for the bio-industry-fostering policies and regulatory improvements by government department
    • Identifying difficulties in export and investment faced by bio-companies and providing support for improvements
    • Policy proposal activities for government, etc.
  • Conducting and supporting national R&D projects
    • Carrying out government consortium-type R&D projects, such as the development of biopharmaceuticals, materials/parts/equipment, and white bio products, and supporting their commercialization
    • Research on R&D demands in the bio-industry
  • In addition, support for the bio-industry-fostering efforts by field
    • Operation of public-private consultative bodies, such as the Solidarity Cooperation for Bio Materials/Parts/Equipment and the White Bio Solidarity Cooperation
    • Operation of private councils, such as Korean In Vitro Diagnostics Committee and the Microbiome New Drug Business Committee
Research and Provision of Information
: Bio Think Tank
The organization’s own research on specific topics, such as bio-industry statistics, and provision of information
  • Performance analysis on bio-health companies listed in Korea
    • Quarterly financial, personnel, and sales performance analyses on the listed bio-health companies
  • Publications of global bio Issues / analysis reports
    • Frequent publications of domestic and international briefings on the bio-industry issues and monthly industry analysis briefings
Support for Growth of Bio-Companies and Investment
: Venture Playground
A platform supporting growth and investment covering the full cycle, targeting from prospective founders to listed companies
  • Support for the growth of bio-startups and venture companies
    • From Bio-accelerator mentoring program, bio-entrepreneurship education program, Medical institution-venture cooperation support program to the preparation of IPO
  • Operation of bio-venture IR programs
    • Operation of investment attraction IR programs to the Financial and Strategic Investors in the early and late phases by stage
Expert Networking and
Public relations marketing
Bio-industry network vitalization and promotional activities
  • Vitalization of domestic networks and bio-businesses
    • Weekly exchange meetings among the member companies, bio exchange meetings, bio CEO clubs, etc.