Nurturing and supporting industry growth

  • Supports businesses and promotes the construction of the Pan-gyo Bio Center
  • Plans and manages research for biotechnological development
    • Research planning for the industry source technology development program
    • Research management for government R&D programs
  • Develops human resources
    • Programs for training biotechnology specialists; retraining for personnel involved in developing new bio-pharmaceuticals; technology training for students of natural sciences and engineering etc.
  • Supports the utilization of the Bio-Fund

International cooperation

  • Participates in international events
    • USA: US-based international biotechnology events
    • Europe: Bio Europe, Vita Foods
  • Establishes global networks
    • Hosting of international events related to biotechnology

Information support and promotional activities

  • Publishes yearly statistical survey of the Korean biotechnology industry
  • Publishes a general review on Korean biotechnology businesses
  • Publishes the Organization Newsletter(quarterly)
  • Publishes informational biotechnology news reports (daily / weekly / monthly)
  • Reinforces the biotechnology community
    • PR support for biotechnology businesses
    • Activities of the Bio CEO Club and expert forums

Policy cooperation and member services

  • Acts as secretariat organization for the registration of bio-products in the Ministry of Trade, Industry · Energy’s ‘World Class Products’list
  • Commissioned to establish the groundwork for Korean contributions to the international standardization of bio-pharmaceuticals
  • Participates in national implementation measures under the Biological Weapons Convention
  • Promotes the establishment of a Bio-Economy Research Center
  • Supports the commercialization of biotechnology
    • Establishment and operation of the Biotechnology Transfer Center
    • Joint IR activities for listed biotechnology businesses
  • Builds stronger networks for exchange and cooperation among members

Korea Bio-Economy Research Center

  • Analyzes projections for new industry areas
  • Collects opinions from industry and makes policy recommendations
  • Publishes reports on biotechnology industry trends
  • Publishes English-language reports to contribute to the globalization of the Korean biotechnology industry