Welcome to KoreaBIO’s website.

I am Christopher Hansung Ko, President of Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization(KoreaBIO).

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world is currently facing numerous daunting obstacles including global-supply-chain disruption, growing nationalism and sluggish investment.

Even under these circumstances, Korea’s biohealth exports have increased by 54% compared to the previous year, and Korea has built a reputation as one of the largest exporter of diagnostic kits in the world. In line with the rising value of K-brands, biohealth has become a new growth engine on the basis of flourishing biomaterials, parts and equipment industries and rapidly growing white bio industry. None of these would have been possible without the strenuous effort of the bio industry.

This has all been made possible thanks to the arduous efforts of the biotechnology industry.

As the new president of KoreaBIO, I promise to put in the utmost effort alongside you, the center of the industry, and develop the bio industry, one of the three largest industries in Korea, into the greatest contributor to economic development. By increasing the touchpoints with our members, we will actively take part in developing the biotechnology industry.

I can say with absolute confidence that the bio industry is the key to economic recovery and it will bring a bright future to Korea amid COVID-19 crisis.

We do have to admit though that the industry, in the process of rapid development, has left the spirit of cooperation and synergy behind. The Korean bio industry, however, is diversifying itself into three areas of red, green and white, and its convergence with other industries is also expanding in line with the global trend.

I have no doubt that the industry will make another leap forward if we are able to ignite once again the “spirit of solidarity and cooperation” to lay the foundation for bio-networking.

In order for the Korean bio industry to emerge as a leading industry in the post-COVID-19 era, I will always remain committed to overcoming every difficulty and mark a milestone for our "new beginning" on the basis of a "rich network for the bio industry." KoreaBIO will also cooperate closely with the government to create even more success stories going forward.

I truly hope that the year 2021 will be a year to further strengthen the global status of the Korean bio industry with the positive energy that the year of the white ox is certain to give, instead of being depressed by the global pandemic.

We hope you join us with consistent trust.

Thank you.

The 7th President of KoreaBIO
Christopher Hansung Ko